Mobile CAD

for the ALC-1000

Integrated Computer Aided Dispatch Platform

Interface your computer aided dispatch (CAD) system with the MobileCAD platform for secure and automated transmission of call information, crew-initiated status updates, and seamless navigation using crowd-sourced traffic congestion algorithms.

Detailed Incident Information

Realtime Incident Updates.

Incident information is immediately transmitted from your CAD system to MobileCAD when a vehicle is dispatched.

Timestamping and Status Updates

Crew Initiated
GPS Synced Timestamps.

Receive crew-initiated timestamps (En Route, Staged, At Scene, etc). Updates are synched with GPS for logging of location and exact time of timestamp occurrence.

Routing & Navigation

Crowd-Sourced Traffic Congestion.

Get vehicles on the road immediately with instantaneous navigation guidance using crowd-sourced traffic intelligence for optimal response times.

CAD Integrated

CAD System
Fully Automated Interface.

Ensure strict response time compliance with logging of precise position and date/time of when crews update their dispatch status.

CAD Integrated

MobileCAD is designed specifically for the ALC-1000. It integrates with your computer aided dispatch (CAD) system to fuse fleet and dispatch operations for unparalled efficiency and situational awareness.

Mobile Data Computer

Mobile Dispatch

MobileCAD integrates with third party dispatch systems via the Atlas Labs API to streamline interaction between crew members, dispatch, and the vehicle.

When a vehicle is dispatched, call information is sent in realtime to MobileCAD via the Atlas Labs API. In the vehicle, the ALC-1000 automatically brings MobileCAD up with the incident information and alerts the crew with audible notifications piped through the vehicle's existing factory speakers.

Crew members update their CAD status in realtime using the large touchscreen display. Changes and updates to the incident are exchanged in realtime between your dispatch system and MobileCAD.

Intelligent Mapping & Navigation

Incident location data is received immediately by MobileCAD at time of dispatch, providing crew members one-touch routing and navigation.

Route guidance is continously recalculated and refactored using the highest accuracy traffic congestion data available, ensuring the fastest possible route despite rapidly changing road conditions.

First responders especially benefit while responding to traffic collisions due to GPS-tagged road incidents reported by passing motorists.

GPS Mapping & Navigation

Designed for the Vehicle

Until now, mobile data computers have been expensive laptops shoehorned into vehicles using costly power supplies, brackets, cables, and power tamers. Though relatively low cost status heads are an alternative, they contribute to cabin clutter and lack the ability to convey detailed information.


With the ALC-1000 and MobileCAD, your MDC now mounts in the dashboard of the vehicle leaving no visible cables or brackets to tamper with or break. Installation is plug-and-play thanks to harnesses that connect directly into your factory stereo connection.

Device Management

Remotely configure and manage your MobileCAD deployments from your browser with the optional device management platform.

Install and Update Applications

Automatically deploy and update applications to your in-dash ALC-1000s over the internet.

Push Configurations

Deploy wireless and VPN profiles, content, and other settings to your devices.

Track Health

Keep tabs on your ALC-1000 with realtime views of disk usage, software inventory, network settings, and other health parameters.

Protect Your Data

Keep your data safe with the ability to remotely lock and wipe your ALC-1000s from the web management console.

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