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G-5540 Mobile LTE Wireless Gateway

Compact, low-power vehicle router with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and sensor monitoring for fleet tracking, situational awareness, and more.

LIFENET® Compatible
G-5540 Mobile WiFi Router


Create a secure wireless hotspot around your vehicle, providing connectivity up to several hundred feet away.

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Wi-Fi Access Point and/or Client
  • Bluetooth
  • Integrated GPS / AVL
  • Fleet Diagnostics (OBD-2/J-1939)
  • Sensors and Remote Triggering

Unmatched Functionality

Built on the OpenWrt ecosystem, the G-5540 supports an enormous feature set. Deploy even more functionality with user installable software packages.

Bluetooth Access Point

Transmit 12-lead and vital sign data to the LIFENET® cloud from Bluetooth (or Wi-Fi) equipped LIFEPAK® monitors.

Virtual Private Network

Create secure, encrypted tunnels between field assets and backend systems.

Integrated GPS

Share real-time GPS location data across the local vehicle network or across the world.

Multi-Sensor Monitoring

Track use of emergency lights, compartment access, temperature, acceleration, and other sensors.

Remote Vehicle Control

Use with Atlas Labs Fleet Management to remotely activate vehicle functions including lock, unlock, and fuel cut-off.

Remote Administration

Remotely administer field devices from across the world.

LIFENET® Compatible

Seamlessly upload LIFEPAK® data directly to the Stryker LIFENET cloud via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi (device registration and valid LIFENET account required).

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Atlas Labs is an authorized Stryker Gateway Partner. LIFENET and LIFEPAK are registered trademarks of Stryker (formerly Physio-Control).

Telemedicine Cloud

GPS Tracking & AVL Support

When used in conjunction with the Atlas Labs Fleet Management platform, the G-5540 enables advanced features including vehicle diagnostics, sensor monitoring, and remote activation of vehicle functions.

Location Sharing

CAD Integrated

Share location data to multiple endpoints simultaneously. Interfaces with major computer aided dispatch (CAD) vendors.

Broadcast GPS data locally across the vehicle's LAN or Wi-Fi subnets for simultaneous use by laptops, tablets, docking stations, and more.

Autonomously stream GPS data to multiple platforms including AVL (automatic vehicle location) servers and partner agencies.

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Vehicle Diagnostics

Real-time vehicle health monitoring with optional OBD-2 or J-1939 dongle.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Remotely monitor vehicle health with insight on a multitude of parameters including:

  • Fuel-level
  • Odometer
  • Engine Hours (Hobbs)
  • Check-Engine Light
  • ECU Fault-codes
  • Diesel Regen / Particulate Build-up
Support for both OBD-II (passenger vehicles) and J1939 (medium-duty chassis).
A-21 Multi-band LTE Antenna

A-21 Multi-band LTE Antenna

Maximize performance with the A-21 Multi-band 3G/4G/5G MIMO antenna.

The A-21 packs dual-cellular, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, and GPS antenna elements in a single low profile enclosure. Internal fractal style elements minimize space while optimizing bandwidth.

Designed for simple replacement in case of antenna damage, long coax feed cables have been replaced with separate extension cables - saving labor and parts costs.

Network Compatibility

Compatible with major North American cellular providers and MVNOs.

AT&T Wireless

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