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GPS Tracking &
Fleet Management

Up-to-the-second GPS tracking, monitoring, and remote vehicle control at competitive prices.

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Real-time Fleet Management

Rapidly identify closest and most appropriate resource with Computer-Aided-Dispatch (CAD), CRM, or ERP enhanced graphical overlays of real-time vehicle positions.

Real-time Location Updates

Up-to-the-second refresh rates show vehicles as they travel, enabling dispatchers to identity lost drivers the moment a wrong turn is made.

Historic Logging & Recall

Review historical breadcrumb trails of vehicle path including speed, direction of travel, use of emergency lights, and more.


Create virtual fences around deployment centers and customer sites for real-time alerts of vehicle arrival and departure.

Multi-Sensor Monitoring

Remotely monitor vehicle systems such as use of emergency lights, compartment access, temperature, and other sensors.

Remote Vehicle Control

Activate vehicle functions including remote lock, unlock, start, fuel-cutoff, and more via the web portal or app.


Tabular and graphical reports for vehicle health, geofence entry and exit, distance traveled and much more.

Boundary Geofence
Proximity Geofence


Proximity or boundary based geofences alert when vehicles enter or leave areas.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Real-time vehicle health monitoring with optional OBD-2 or J-1939 compatible interface.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Remotely monitor vehicle health with insight on a multitude of parameters including:

  • Fuel-level
  • Odometer
  • Engine Hours (Hobbs)
  • Check-Engine Light
  • ECU Fault-codes
  • Diesel Regen / Particulate Build-up
Support for both OBD-II (passenger vehicles) and J1939 (medium-duty chassis).

CAD Integrated

Two-way computer-aided-dispatch integration synchronizes vehicle data to the Atlas Labs web portal for color-coded vehicle availability while GPS data is streamed to CAD.

CAD Integrated AVL & GPS

Predictive Heatmap of Requests

Predictive analysis of previous service identifies likely hotspots, weighing various factors such as time-of-day and day-of-week.

Color-coded by Status

Color-coded Vehicle Status

Vehicle icons are color-coded based on availibility, allowing instant identification of closest available resource.

Status Monitoring

Status Monitoring

Vehicle initiated status changes are listed in real-time as they occur, allowing dispatchers to maintain close oversight over their fleet.

Competitive Pricing

With standard 5-second update rates and up-to-the-second event alerting, Atlas Labs offers one of the fastest GPS tracking platforms at the lowest cost.

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  • Unlimited Users
  • Real-time GPS/GNSS Location
  • Proximity or Boundary Geofences
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Reporting
  • Vehicle Health Monitoring
  • Plug-and-Play or Hardwired Modems
  • Cellular Data Included
As Low as
Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiencies

Benefits and Use-Cases

Reduce Payroll Costs

Create geofences around deployment centers to easily correlate overtime with late vehicle returns to the office.

Proof of Service

Report precise GPS timestamped arrival and departure of fleet resources at customer sites.

Simplify Vehicle Maintenance

View true vehicle odometer values and engine hours from a central web portal. View engine fault codes the instant they are triggered.

API Integration

Use the Atlas Labs Application Programming Interface to integrate with third party applications for CRM, ERP, CAD, fleet management, and more.

Atlas Labs provided hardware or bring your own device (BYOD)

Device Support

Use with Atlas Labs hardware for extended features such as remote vehicle control and diagnostics.
Or bring your existing hardware for immediate deployment.

30 Day Risk Free Trial

Try Atlas Labs risk free. If you're not satisfied for any reason, return your hardware within 30 days for a full refund.

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